Mr. and Mrs. Mash
Blessed in Love

Said "I Do" on December 30th 2022

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Jordan and Natalie's story began in 2015 - they were both in high school.  Natalie was singing at an 8th grade orientation, and Jordan was doing sound.  They began as friends and eventually came more.  Being "high school sweethearts" comes with unique challenges, and yet these two managed to overcome them all.  They have been together for 8 years.  

On October 16th, 2019, Jordan decided to pop the question.  Knowing that Natalie's favorite holiday is Halloween, Jordan found an animatronic pumpkin and waited for Natalie to get home from work.  When she came in, he was down on one knee, holding the pumpkin, and as he asked the question the ring popped up.  Natalie's answer was obviously YES! 

When asked what he loves most about Natalie, Jordan replied, "I love Natalie because she has always been so supportive of my goals and aspirations in life and her caring and compassion is unlike any other."

Love is the key to happiness!


When asked what she loves most about Jordan, Natalie replied, " I love Jordan because he always finds a way to make me laugh, and his love of wanting to help family, and care for others is out of this world."


Together they decided on Windows on the Water in Morro Bay as their wedding venue because they love the food and the gorgeous location.  The thing they were most looking forwad to on their wedding day was celebrating with family and close friends.  They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, and in this case, it was also beautiful.  Everyone came together to help make their day as special as possible.  Natalie's mom, Polly, played a very big role in helping to plan and set up the day, and her bridesmaids pitched in to create the most incredible flower bouquets!  Everything came  together beautifully, and when Natalie and Jordan said "I do", there was nothing but love (and maybe a few tears) as the people they care most about in the world celebrated with them.  Their ceremony was followed by the most incredible dinner, as well as dancing, dessert and lots of visiting with people who traveled far and wide to spend this important day with these two incredible people.  Congratulations, Natalie and Jordan...may your lives be filled with love and happiness!




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